Wednesday, 25 July 2012

displaying family photos

Celebrating family with a display of photographs in the master bedroom.
When my husband and I were first planning what would go where in our home we had a difference of opinion on the placement of family photos. "I don't want to constantly be looking at photos of myself," he would say. I would retort with, "But shouldn't we show off these amazing photos we have?" So, as is the case in all good marriages, we compromised. The family photos were allowed to be displayed, but in only in our bedrooms. The living spaces are the home of our fine art collection. 

So are the details so you can replicate the look in your home.
Frames:  Black and silver in various sizes. Sourced from Home Outfitters (wedding gifts) and a big box store. Various $
Ledges: Discontinued(?) item from Ikea, each is 31" l by 3" w and we used 4 total. Subsitute Ikea's RIBBA picture ledge, it comes in 3 colours and 2 lengths. RIBBA 21" is $10 each, 45" is $17 each
Wall colour: Cumberland Fog by Behr
Drawer units: STOLMEN by Ikea *Note these come with legs typically, but my husband reinforced the wall and mounted them to achieve a "floating" look. $120 per 2 drawer unit, we used 3.
Photographs: Colour photos courtesy ArtsyFartsy Photography by Lana. Black & white photos courtesy Dallas Ludwick.

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